Food safety

The industrial plants where the mussels are harvested and packed in the cultivation centers are located in Chiloé and near Puerto Montt.

These are known for having the most modern technology in the world and by complying with the highest standards of quality and sanitary regulation.

The plants receive the fresh product and then classify it depending on its characteristics. In some cases the process is semi automated. In others, more labor is required, in order to obtain a higher value-added product.
In general, all the product passes through a thermal process and then it is frozen at temperatures reaching - 45 C °, except for the product that is canned. Glazing is an important part of the IQF process, because it protects the mussel meat from contact with the medium, preventing it from being contaminated and maintaining its characteristics of freshness, color and hydration intact.
The result is a product of the highest quality, presentation and safety that allows the national industry to export to the most demanding markets in the world.
The mussels, exported and marketed in the international markets of Europe, the USA, Asia and other countries, have the following stamps of certification of quality and health security.