Chile Week CHINA 2016

On August 28 to September 2, Patagonia Mussel participated in the Chile Week China event.  A series of activities were organized by Pro Chile in Guangzhou and Beijing, in order to introduce different Chilean products and foods to the Asian market.

José Miguel Barros, President of the Trade Committee, Fernando Prieto from St. Andrews Company, and Javiera Fernández, General Manager of Patagonia Mussel, were in attendance accompanied by a large Chilean trade delegation.

Throughout the event, importers, distributors, press and general public learned about the superiority and characteristics of the Chilean mussel while tasting delicious samples prepared by two renowned chefs of the region.

Patagonia Mussel appeared in two cooking shows promoting products and presenting their adaptability to Chinese cuisine to the media, food critics, bloggers and food and wine industry leaders.

Patagonia Mussel also promoted Chilean products in a special two-day exhibit at the Grand View Plaza Mall in Guangzhou, featuring our brand and providing tasting samples to future customers.

Other activities included a cocktail boat reception on Pearl River, a Chilean presentation at the Great Wall of China and Sabores de Chile. During these events, government authorities, business delegations, importers and media were able recognize Chile as a premier supplier.  

Since late 2014 the Patagonia Mussel project in China has organized activities geared towards exporters, distributors, retailers, chefs and critics. For example, participating in seafood fairs, business meetings, importers events, food tastings, press meetings, grocery store promotions and others; focusing especially in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Just as last year, Patagonia Mussel will be again participating in China Fisheries in Qingdao, the main seafood fair in China and Asia. Activities will be held to show members of the Asian market industry the characteristics and superiority of the Chilean mussel.