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Recipe for six



·         24 large mussels

·         4 Pieces of bread with lots of crumbs

·         1 egg

·         Milk

·         Grated parmesan cheese

·         Parsley

·         1 Garlic clove

·         Pepper and salt to taste

·         Frying oil




Wash the mussels and remove the meat from the shell. Clean them.

Cut the hard edges of the bread leaving only the crumb and soak it in a plate with a little milk.

Once the bread is soaked, remove it from the milk, squeeze it with your hands to remove excess liquid and put it in a bowl.

Add 1 whole egg, some grated Parmesan cheese, season with salt and pepper to taste, garlic and parsley, mix well.


Heat the oil in a different frying pan.

Put the mussels washed and without their shell for some minutes in another hot pan to open a little and then cover them one by one with the preparation of bread and egg we have prepared before. Put them in the hot oil for a minute and serve them hot with a salad or skewers.

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