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·         1 kg of medium mussels per person

·         1/2 shaved onion

·         1/4 Julienne red bell pepper

·         1 cup White wine

·         1 tsp. butter

·         Oil

·         Pepper

·         Coriander (finely chopped)

·         Tomatoes chopped in small squares (optional)

·         Chili pepper (optional)



The first thing is to wash the mussels very well removing all residue stuck to them and to remove their hairs.

It is important that they are clean and at the time of purchase they are healthy and fresh. In a deep frying pan or small pot (the important thing is that you can cover it), add the butter and a dash of oil, add the onion and pepper (optionally also the tomato and if you like too, a pinch of chili pepper just to give a touch of flavor) and let it fry for 5 minutes. Remove from the fire and accommodate the musselss as best as you can, hopefully all “standing", add the white wine and cover.

Let it cook for about 10 minutes and uncover, if the mussels have opened, it is ready.

When the mussels are ready, put them in a deep dish or pot of clay, add a little ground black pepper and the chopped cilantro.

The broth is served in a separate bowl and you are ready to enjoy.

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