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• 100 g. Mussel meat

• 5 g. galangal

• 5 g. lemongrass

• 10 g. kafir lime

• 10 g. garlic

• 3 g. Thai curry paste

• Fish sauce

• Oyster sauce

• Vegetable oil

• Parsley

• Mint

• Sage

• Coriander

• 20 g. onion

• 10 g. pepper

• 1 g. anise star

• Cloves

• 50 cc. coconut milk

• 1 can of corn



This dish stands out because its preparation is quick. You can mix all the ingredients one after another consecutively. Heat the wok. Once it is warm, add the oil until it reaches smoke point. Then add the chopped garlic, thinly sliced onion, julienne pepper and the remaining ingredients. Finally incorporate coconut milk. Add the pre-cooked mussel meat at the end in order to not overcook them. Finally sprinkle parsley, mint and various herbs.

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