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Preparation for four


Mussel meat 1Kg.



•    Oil 150 cc.

•    Water 150 cc.

•Vinegar 150 cc.

•    Fresh mint 50 grams

•    Parsley 15 grams

•    Salt and pepper to taste

•     Garlic to taste

•      Hot chili pepper to taste



•   Avocado 1 unit

•    Salt and pepper to taste

•    Fresh cream ½ cup

•    Lemon juice 30 cc.

•     Fresh coriander



Marinade preparation

Put the oil, vinegar and water evenly, add the peppercorns and the hot chili pepper, and bring everything to the boil for 6 minutes.

Remove from the heat, let stand and wait for the temperature to drop, when it reaches 70 ° C place the mussels along with the chiffonade mint and refrigerate for 24 hrs.


Mousse preparation

Grind the avocado until you get a soft puree, then add the lemon juice and chopped cilantro.

In a bowl, beat the cream until it is firm. Mix the cream along with the avocado and add salt and pepper for the flavor.

In shot glasses place the avocado mousse and then the marinated mussels.

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