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•              Mussel meat   500 grams

•              Olive oil 100 cc.

•              Garlic cloves 5 units

•              Hot chili pepper 1 uni.

•              White wine 250 cc. (optional)

•              Butter 10 grams

•              Coriander seeds

•              Salt and pepper to taste

•              Parsley 20 gr.



In a pot, ideally made of clay, add hot chili pepper, coriander seeds (to give a slight touch of smoke) and, after one minute, turn off the heat and remove it. If it is done in a clay pot, it will stay warm for longer. In case of using a pot of other material, do not put out the fire, and just lower it.

Incorporate the olive oil and cloves of garlic écraser (crushed with the knife and without peeling), avoiding that the garlic burns. Add the meat of mussels (without shells). It is only necessary to give temperature and season them. Finish with parsley or coriander.

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