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Preparation for four


·         1 kg of Mussels

·         1/2 onion

·         Parsley

·         2 lemons



Wash and brush the mussel shells well. It is very important that the shells are completely clean. All the mollusks must be removed, because when they are cooked, the shells open and some mollusks could take off and the pieces of some can get into the mussels. Add a little water to the frying pan, place the mussels and cook them covered about 10 minutes. They are cooked when you can remove them from the shell without any effort. Drain and remove the mussels from their shells. Add finely chopped cilantro. Prepare the onion. Cutthe onion and soak it in very salty water, squashing it and squeezing it with your hands so that it doesn’t taste so strong. Drain the water and add the onion to the platter. Add the lemon juice. Mix everything, let it rest about 15-20 minutes and serve.

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